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Moldova Steel Works is a modern competitive steel producer.

MSW is one of three steel plants built in the USSR in the mid 1980’s. Construction of the plant started in August, 1981 and the first steel cast was produced in October, 1984.
The plant has two main shops: the EAF shop and the Rolling Mill.
According to the initial design the plant had two EAFs (100 I6) and two CCMs with a total annual capacity of 700,000 t of steel. The total output in the first year of operation was as low as 206,000 t of steel billets because both the EAFs and the CCMs had design imperfections which made the efficient operation of these units impossible.
In 1985, Moldova Steel Works commenced a multistage project to upgrade and modernize main production units in the EAF shop. The project involved foreign contractors and suppliers of steel making equipment.
As a result, the plant shifted its total production to only one line (Line No.2: EAF + Ladle Furnace + Continuous Caster) in 1998. Line No. 1 was dismantled.
In 1997-2003, modernization projects were carried out by own forces. In September, 1999, the total capacities of the EAF (120 t) and the Continuous Caster reached 1,000,000 t of crude steel.

Electric Arc Furnace (120 t)

Average tap weight 120 t
Maximum capacity (liquid steel) 140 t
Nominal power of the EAF transformer 95 MVA
Maximum secondary voltage 951 V
Electrode diameter 600 mm
Oxygen consumption ≤ 40 m³/t
Natural gas consumption ≤ 7 m³/t

EAF performance figures

Daily number of casts 31 casts
Daily output 3,805.4 t
Average tap-to-tap time 47.0 minutes
Power On time 39.4 minutes
Power consumption 362 kWh/t

The ever reached maximum monthly output was 92,090 t in May, 2004.
The secondary metallurgy is carried out in a Ladle Furnace and a VD/VOD vacuum degasser.

Ladle Furnace

Nominal power of the LF transformer 25 MVA
Electrode diameter 400 mm
Steel heating rate ≤ 4.5°C
Treatment time ≥ 40 minutes
Argon consumption 0.3 m³/t

The Ladle Furnace is equipped with a storage/weighing/feeding system for ferroalloys, wire feeding machines, and a feeding system to purge powder lime/coke breeze into steel.
The VD/VOD degasser was installed in 2002. It uses dry mechanical pumps to ensure efficient degassing of high-quality steels at low production costs.


Cast weight ≤ 110 t
High vacuum buildup time (≤ 5 mbar) ≤ 12 minutes
Treatment time ≥ 30 minutes
Total oxygen in steel after vacuum treatment ≤ 40 ppm
Total hydrogen in steel after vacuum treatment ≤ 1.5 ppm
Total nitrogen in steel after vacuum treatment ≤ 60 ppm

Continuous Casting Machine

Billet cross-section 125 x 125 mm ± 3 mm
Billet length 8,000 – 12,000 mm ± 100 mm
Stream shrouding Ladle-Tundish and Tundish-Mould sections
Electro-magnetic stirring system (EMS) in moulds (M-EMS)
Casting sequence Up to 46 casts

Rolling Mill
The continuous light-section rolling mill (320/150) was designed by Ukrghipromez, Ukraine. The set of main rolling equipment was manufactured and installed by SKET (Magdeburg, Eastern Germany).
The designed capacity was 500,000 t of rolled products per year and the rolling mill reached it in 1988. In 1990, the output was 540,000 t of rolled products.
The rolling mill was designed as a 320/150 combined one line rolling mill. Billets were rolled either in the bar line or in the wire rod line. In 1997, the rolling mill was redesigned and transformed into a two line rolling mill with a capability to roll bars and wire rod in two lines simultaneously.
In October, 1999, the controlled cooling line (STELMOR line) was extended up to 147 m (the covered section was 120 m long). The aim of this modernization project was to improve microstructure of wire rod and to start production of new kinds of rolled products such as deep drawing wire rod, low alloyed wire rod of welding quality, wire rod for springs and high strength ropes. The upgraded line provides flexible cooling conditions to produce high-quality steel wire rod in strict compliance with national and international standards at low production costs.
A new 110 m/sec wire block was commissioned in 2001. The annual output of rolled products reached 900,000 t.
   The ever reached maximum monthly output of rolled products was 81,080 t in October, 2005.

Range of rolled steel products

Deformed and plain reinforcing steel in bars and coils Sizes from 6 to 40 mm
Wire rod Diameters from 5.5 to 14 mm
Angle bars Wing width: 25-50 mm, wing thickness: 3-5 mm
Channel № 5

Moldova Steel Works has ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System Certificates issued by Lloyd's Register and UK CARES and Certificates of Approval issued by UK CARES, PRUFSTELLE FUR BETONSTAHL (Germany), Qualitas and Procema (Romania), TZUS (the Czech Republic), ZETOM (Poland), TSUS (Slovakia) for deformed and plain reinforcing steel in bars and coils.