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Placing an inquiry

Dear sirs,
Here you can find the Inquiry Forms for steel products of your interest. We would highly appreciate your detailed replies to these product questionnaires and this will enable us to supply you with products fully meeting your requirements:


 Reinforcing Bars  Rebar Specification
Mesh Wire Rod  Mesh Wire Rod Specification
High Carbon Wire Rod  High Carbon Wire Rod Specification
Welding Quality Wire Rod  Welding Quality Wire Rod Specification
   Merchant Steel Billet Specification

Note: Reference specifications are provided for your convenience. For more details see Products.

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We highly appreciate your interest to us and hope to establish mutually successful and rewarding business relationship.



Our export destinations

JSC Moldova Steel Works supplies its steel products to the following markets:

Germany, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Israel, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong-Kong, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Chile, Argentina, and others.