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Moldova Steel Works was commissioned in January, 1985. Since the commencement of its operation the plant has persistently and successfully improved its products to meet more and more diversifying requirements of international markets. The designed capacity of the plant was 684,000 t of steel and 500,000 t of rolled products per year.

The objective of the company is to satisfy the customers’ demand for steel products and services through the effective management, high engineering potential and reputable activity of skilled specialists.

Annual production figures, thousand tons


  2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Steel 908,1 966,9 513,5 886,0 1012,6 1048,3 677,3 965,2 885,0 426,0 241,5 320,6 316,7 190,1 344,6 430,0 127,5 469,4 502,9 392,1 464,9
Rolled products 635,0 790,4 381,0 695,4 789,3 889,3 639,0 883,5 816,6 440,9 231,4 306,5 356,8 184,7 391,2 324,0 210,8 459,7 488,3 404,4 451,4

Moldova Steel Works has enjoyed a good reputation in the international steel market thanks to the following:
 - Guaranteed fulfilment of contractual obligations;
 - High quality of steel products which is sustained by R&D activity;

 - High equipment capability: 120 t EAF (capacity: 1,000,000 t of crude steel), Ladle Furnace, Vacuum Degasser, 6-strand CCM, 2-line Rolling Mill with a 110 m/s Wire Block, a 147 m STELMOR cooling line, and a packing unit to pack bundles with piece count.
 - High flexibility of the production process. The production lines are able to shift quickly from one steel grade to another as well as from one product to another.
 - Highly experienced management team;
 - Stable position on the steel market;
 - Good business reputation;
 - Favorable location of the plant (about 260 km to the Black Sea and 200 km to Eastern Europe).

The main objectives for the top management of Moldova Steel Works are to strengthen the competitiveness of the plant and its reputation of a reliable supplier of higher grade steel products, such as cord, rope and welding quality wire rod; to increase the share of higher grade steel sales in the total sales of the plant.

Range of steel products

 - Continuous cast steel billets. Cross section: 125x125 mm; Length: from 8 to 12 m;
 - Reinforcing steel in bars and coils. Nominal diameters: 6-40 mm; Steel grades: B500B to DIN 488В and BS 4449; В500С to ST 009 – 2011 (Romania), РС52 to SR 438–1–2012 (Romania); 60 (420) to ASTM A615/ A615M;  35GS to GOST 5781; At400, At500, At600, At800, At1000 to GOST 10884, etc.;
 - Round steel in bars (dia. 8-22 mm) and coils (dia. 5.5-14 mm). Steel grades 250 to BS 4482; SAE 1006-1075 to ASTM A510/A510M, St3sp to GOST 30136;  OB37 to SR-438-1-2012, etc.;
 - High ductility wire rod. Low carbon wire rod for direct drawing; High carbon wire rod for springs, ropes, PC strands, steel cord, piston rings for car motors; Middle carbon wire rod for nails, construction fabrics as per ASTM A510/A510M, grades SAE 1005-1086; EN 10016/ ЕN 16120. Parts II and IV Grades from C4D to C88D, EN 10016/ЕN 16120. Part III Grades C3DI - C4DI, DIN 17145, Grades SG1, SG2, SG3; JIS G 3505 Grades SWRM 6K, SWRM 8K, SWRM 10K, SWRM 12K-,.. SWRM 22K; JIS G 3506 Grades SWRH 52A/52B - SWRH 82A/82B; JIS G 3503 Grades SWRY 11 - SWRY 21; Wire rod (5.5…6.5 mm) from manganese, silicon, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, vanadium alloyed steels – Grades Sv-08G2S, Sv-08GNM, Sv-08G1NMA, Sv-08HG2SMF, Sv-10HG2SMF, Sv-08HGSMFA, Sv-10NM, Sv-10GAA, etc. for 0.8-5.0 mm copper-plated wire for automatic and semiautomatic shielded welding (carbon dioxide, argon, etc.);
 - Cold heading wire rod for fasteners (trial lots);
  Moldova Steel Works can provide the following services:
 - Expert assessment of steelmaking and rolling production processes, preparation of technical proposals for modernization projects.
 - Manufacturing and supply of auxiliary equipment units to improve efficiency of EAF shops (as a subcontractor with engineering companies).
 - Engineering and designing services for steel plant construction projects.
 - Training of the Customer’s personnel in modern steel making and rolling production practices.