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Quality system

 In 1990 the company took a short-term and long-term policy of technical development based on the need to operate under conditions of international steel markets and market economy. The priority was given to production of new higher added value steel products from high steel grades.
  MMZ started its active development in all its areas of activity to become a competitive suppler in the global steel market.
  One of major steps was implementation and certification of the plant's Quality Management System against the requirements of ISO 9002:94. A thorough review was carried out to study the related experience of the German leading steel producers and the requirements of TUF Certification Body, Brandenburg, Germany.
  At the same time MMZ signed a two-year contract with HSW (Germany) to train its specialists at HSW site. The scope of training covered advanced production methods in the area of the EAF steel melting, LF treatment and CCM casting.
  In March 1995, MMZ received LRQA Certificate of Approval (Certificate No. 936251) to ISO 9002:94 for its Quality Management System applicable to manufacture of steel continuous casting billets and rolled products, including plain round bars and reinforcing deformed bars in coils and in cut lengths, sections and wire rod. Afterwards the MMZ' Quality Management System was recertified by LRQA to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and then to BS EN ISO 9001:2008
  Furthermore, within the frame of certification of reinforcing bars with UK CARES against the requirements of BS4449 according to CARES Certification Scheme, MMZ received CARES Certificate of Approval No.1075 for its Quality Management System to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.
  The top management of MMZ maintains its responsibility for the operation of the QMS within the company, for its further development and continual improvement.


  The primary objective of Joint Stock Company "Moldova Steel Works" is to fully meet the customers' requirements to steel products and services while striving to exceed these requirements in order to strengthen the company's market position.
  The QUALITY POLICY is implemented through the achievement of the Company's primary objective via the Quality Management System, which is continuously improved.


1. Maintenance and continual improvement of the business reputation of JSC Moldova Steel Works;
2. Continuous improvement of the QMS processes and the steel production practices;
3. Professional development of the staff;
4. Improvement of cooperation with suppliers to ensure supplies of high quality products at the most favorable conditions for the company;
5. Resource-saving and reduction of manufacturing costs while maintaining the high quality of steel products.


1. Systematic analysis of the QMS effectiveness and solutions adoption to continually improve the Quality Management System;
2. The customers and users satisfaction review and taking the corrective measures, if needed;
3. The internal process audits and taking the corrective and preventive measures, if needed;
4. Enforcement of the technological and technical discipline within the Company.

  Every employee is assigned with respective duties and responsibilities within the QMS. The Management of the Company is responsible for the implementation of the Quality Management System and ensures its observance across all levels by efficient utilization of available resources.